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Small Business Consulting for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Can your idea become a reality?
Does your idea make sense as a company?
How do you get from an idea to a completed product?

Allan Woolway can provide strategic consulting for Start-Up’s, new idea development, research whether an idea can be developed into into a product.


Available Services

  • Enable clients to become more efficient in the development of ideas and business efficiencies
  • Innovation and ideas must be nourished and grown into the products of tomorrow
  • Unique expertise that blends diverse entrepreneurial experience, real business insight and practical solutions.
  • Identify the most critical next steps and help them get executed
  • Help move from an initial idea and vision through the next phases and steps of your business.
  • Questions can be answered, and advice given for a greater chance at having a successful business launch
  • Help with the early stages of forming a business which assists a startup in finding a path to success.
  • Reaching the next phase of your business is our focus
  • Avoid costly mistakes and wasted time
  • Work with an experienced professional who has been through the process multiple times
  • Research and implement business solutions, marketing strategies, and strategic relationships taking your business to the next level


“Allan has 40 years of real-world experience in taking startup companies and developing them into successful ventures”

With a rare combination of technical knowledge and business savvy, evaluating what a company needs to become successful is instinctive.

Allan Woolway CEO

Application Development

With 40 years of business experience Allan can help your company increase efficiency and develop solutions to grow and become more profitable.

Experience is vital when developing an application. Companies must be able to pinpoint the desired functionality. It is important not to get lost in specific details when first designing your product.

His expertise in the full Life Cycle of development of applications extends over many projects. Some examples that were personally designed and written for diverse industries are found in the accomplishments section.

Allan has two patents to his name and has published a book on Small Business Entrepreneurship.

Project Management

A project has specific steps and milestones that need to be reached. It important that someone be familiar with the Full Life Cycle and have the experience to guide members involved.

Project management can make or break a company. It is important to be focused and know how to complete a task. Often projects are never completed because specifications and goals become moving targets and are continually changed (known as scope creep). It is important to stay focused and work to completion, only making key changes based on findings along the way.

What makes working with Allan Woolway different?

As a serial entrepreneur Allan Woolway has the real-world experience to help make a business successful. Working as a Startup Mentor, Software Designer, Business Consultant, Project Manager, Logistics Specialist, and Solutions Oriented specialist Allan can help.

Here are some of Allan’s Outstanding Accomplishments giving him the expertise to help other business owners:

1982 – Developed 13 application disks simulating scientific educational material for national distribution. Won six national awards for best-animated simulations for the educational market, the disks were sold nationally for nine years. Started installing and configuring networks for business and educational environments.

1982 – 1984 – Developed business applications for the Apparel Industry. Developed applications for the garment district in NY & NJ and created an accounting system for the SMB market.

1985 - 1986 – Developed an advanced Warehousing system to automate and streamline the logistical movement of pickers in larger warehouses saving hundreds of man hours.

1987 – 1998 - Mini-Byte ranked as one of SCO’s top five resellers in the country selling and supporting UNIX and UNIX related products. Started a company for building business computers, supporting Small Businesses and building large networks for companies like Charles Schwab, Ericson GE, AT&T, etc.

1996 – 1997 Sold Mini-Byte Software Inc. to Silverline Industries and developed a new networking business in India.

1997 - Developed an SAP BASIS strategy and team for ERP installations. Handled all sizing and capacity planning for smaller SAP customers in the NY, NJ, PA area.

1998 – Designed a conversion program to take information from an EDI Format to an ERP format and headed up the team to complete the project. Organized the continuing support for new and existing ERP accounts for BASIS, EDI, Bar Coding, and Conversions.

1999 – Designed an application to handle Help Desk, Support Tracking, Work Orders, Projects and Support Contract Management. Installed by VARs and Consulting companies across the USA

1999 – 2000 - Hired by investors to evaluate a network management application. Product was recommended for investment and was in charge of OEM, sales. Instituted a buy-out of Calvin Alexander Networking to Micromuse, Inc. (a publicly traded company).

2002 – 2004 - Architected and led a development team to create a product (NetMonSecure) that used a database structure design to locate network security issues. This was a brand-new design for SEM market. The design technology for handling Progressive Layered Forensic Correlation of security and network events was issued a patent with Allan Woolway as the author, now owned by IBM (through acquisition).

2007 – 2015 – Worked as a Freelance volunteer consultant to the Lewisburg, PA working with the SBDC for Small companies and Bucknell University student startup ventures.

2008 - 2015 – Developed a product that used a multi-layered database structure to handle the organization of thoughts, images, documents, etc. using enhanced animation for the web

2019 – Allan Woolway published a book: Small Business Entrepreneurship: Stories of Grit, Risk, and Reward from Startup to Success

2017 – 2020 – Started a new company: FootAnchor, LLC
Designed, manufactured and sold a new innovative product giving people the ability to get out of bed with using their arms or shoulders. This was Allan’s first venture using offshore manufacturing. Allan was awarded a patent for the FootAnchor and is the only product available with this functionality.

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